Eden Electrolysis Clinic

Specialising in Permanent Hair Removal

County Limerick has now got its own specialised electrolysis clinic.
(also practising at MPHC, 4th Practice, Mallow, Co. Cork)

Eden Electrolysis Clinic takes pride in specialising only in "Electrolysis".

After 135 years Electrolysis still remains the only 100% effective method of permanent hair removal for all skin types.

Electrolysis directly targets the hair follicle from the inside, by using a probe, inserted into the follicle leading to a complete destruction of the cells responsible for hair growth while protecting the skin surface.

Margaret Fahy received intensive re-training in Sydney, Australia in the newer more efficient method of Apilus Picoflash Thermolysis. This is a very exciting innovation which allows the practitioner to work much faster with minimal discomfort for the client. She was amazed to meet clients who had initially presented for a small amount of facial hair removal and when pleasantly surprized with their rapid results and minimal skin reaction proceeded to have their legs, arms, underarms and bikini lines treated too.

With the older technology this was a rare event indeed.

Margaret trained over 15 years ago , has ITEC and BABTAC qualifications and up to now had mainly used the multi-needle galvanic system which did produce great results, but the time involved and the ensuing skin irritation, while healing, was very off putting for many clients.

This updated technology; she is thrilled to find eliminates all of these challenging factors.

Margaret is now recommencing practice at her home in Co. Limerick and is offering everyone the opportunity to avail of a cost free short session (10 minutes) to experience the difference for themselves. This will include a comprehensive consultation where she will explain the process, how long it will take, how long each treatment requires, (each case is unique) and advise on aftercare.

Intensive re-training was given by Christine O Connell (MRE. DRE.AEA) Sydney's longest serving member of the British Institute of Electrolysis and who is also a fellowship member.

To avail of the most up to date technology Apilus Platinum Pure Call us now on 083 3391724


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