Eden Electrolysis Clinic

Specialising in Permanent Hair Removal

County Limerick has now got its own specialised electrolysis clinic.
(also practising at MPHC, 4th Practice, Mallow, Co. Cork)

The Clinic

It's privately situated in a rural area, and also practicing at Mallow Primary Healthcare Centre, 4th Practice, Mallow, Co.Cork. The best equipment and visual aids and the most up to date technology are employed here. All treatments are performed using the Apilus Platinum epilator from Canada and using handmade Laurier Insulated Probes from the USA. The Apilus Platinum is revolutionary in permanent epilation. It has 100% permanent hair removal, and unrivalled comfort. Sterile probes are disposed of immediately after treatment and not re-used.


First Step

The first step for all prospective clients is to avail of a cost free and obligation free consultation. The area to be treated will be assessed and a recommendation made for the duration, frequency and cost of treatments involved. Also some indication as to the expected time frame for a major improvement to be visible.

To experience the revolutionary technology of Apilus Platinum Pure Call 083 3391724 now for a FREE CONSULTATION.

On consultation

Each individual needs are assessed. Skin condition noted and a programme of duration and frequency advised.

Typically facial cases can require 15 - 30 minutes weekly, monthly or bi-monthly. In the beginning, the time and duration gradually decreasing over approximately 2 years.

It takes 9 months for every single facial to surface and after that time the client sees a remarkable improvement in the numbers and strength of individual hairs. After this time the duration and frequency of visits is greatly spread out and reduced.

It must be stressed that although the treatment is permanent, electrolysis does not treat the cause of unwanted hair and cannot affect the clients' potential for new growths.


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